Help My Unbelief! – Mark 9:14-29

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg begins our new study, “Puzzle Pieces.” We find moments in our lives where we feel powerless. Even in our spiritual walk there are moments where we feel like we have been separated from the power of the Holy Spirit. In this week’s study we see how we separate ourselves from, and how we can regain, the power that is …

Worth Every Penny – Mark 8:34-38

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Jesus teaches us His requirements, unexpected consequences, and reward in the life of one who is committed to following Him. We must be willing to accept the entirety of His command to be disciples no matter the cost – and in doing so He assures us it will be worth the price we pay.

Letter of Intent – Mark 8:27-33

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg preaches the third week of our series, “Portents.” In this passage Jesus declares the full intent of His ministry. We see that His identity and His purposes are set regardless of how we would prefer He operate.  

Second Touch – Mark 8:11-26

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Pastor Ron Eckberg leads us through Mark 8:11-26 in the second week of our series, “Portents.” Most of us can identify with the disciples of Jesus. We struggle from time to time seeing Jesus clearly. Our eyes of faith grow a bit fuzzy. What we need is another—a fresh touch—of the Master’s hand.

The King of Love – Mark 8:1-10

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg takes us back into our study through the book of Mark as we begin a new series entitled, “Portents.” This week we see Jesus miraculously feed 4,000 people showing the immensity of his love and compassion for all of His creation.  

The Game Plan – 2 Timothy 2:1-2

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg walks us through a challenge for personal spiritual growth in 2017. As we study 2 Timothy 2:1-2 we see three key areas in which we must commit ourselves to see development in the coming year.  

A Prayer for the New Year – 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

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Pastor Ron Eckberg directs an oft twisted and maligned passage about a man named Jabez. In this we see the power of prayer that is directed not at the human heart, but toward the will of God the Father. When rightly understood this is a tremendous encouragement to the believer.