The Challenge of Worship – John 6, 12, & 18

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Lay preacher Aaron Thede brings us a special message on the challenges and value of worship. The Christian life is very simple, but it’s not easy. The challenges of walking faithfully with Jesus through our day-to-day lives requires that we live in constant recognition of our opposition so that we might overcome them by the power of God’s Word, Christ’s …

Simple Christmas #3 – From Participation to Preparation

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg teaches the third message in our 2023 Christmas series, “Simple Christmas.” As we approach Christmas day, the seasonal celebrations begin to pick up steam. As they do, the question remains: In the flurry of activity, how do we avoid falling into mindless participation and tradition? This week we discuss how we can walk through the activities of …

The Journey of Praise – Psalm 134

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Pastor Ron Eckberg preaches a special Thanksgiving message. Thanksgiving is a day we set apart to express our gratitude for all we have been blessed with. But why should we need to be reminded? Why must we set aside a day to encourage us to give thanks, especially when we have so much to be thankful for? This week we …

Why We Gather – Hebrews 10:19-25

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Pastor Ron Eckberg brings a special message to our morning service called, “When We Gather”. Every believer understands that gathering to worship with the body of Christ is important. But why? Whey can’t we just engage in online Bible studies and virtual services? What happens when we gather that makes that time so vital to our spiritual growth and maturity? …

The Road to Worship – Luke 19:28-44

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Pastor Ron Eckberg teaches a special Palm Sunday message. To experience God is to worship God but what exactly does that mean? How do we truly worship God? Join us Sunday as we begin our Easter week of services with a look at three aspects of worship found in Luke 19 and the story of Jesus entrance into Jerusalem.

One Last Look – Ecclesiastes 12

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Pastor Ron Eckberg takes one last look back at Solomon’s closing thoughts in Ecclesiastes 12. If you have ever wondered why churches spend so much time and energy on youth and young adult ministry, a simple reading of a Ecclesiastes 12 will help you understand. Sunday we will add an epilogue to our study of Ecclesiastes and listen to what …

Religion vs. Worship – Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg continues our series in Ecclesiastes. Our lives and our culture are full of religious icons, events, and reminders. Yet, we live in a world where God holds little importance or relevance in most people’s lives. How do we reconcile these two realities? What’s more, how do we avoid the trap of being religious people who fail to …

The Heart of Worship (Part 2)

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Pastor Ron Eckberg preaches the second week of a two-part message on worship. In just a few short words, “Come, let us worship and bow down”, God invites his children to come before His throne. But what exactly does that mean? How do we define “worship”? How do we prepare, participate, and respond to such a holy calling?

The Heart of Worship – John 4:21-24

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Pastor Ron Eckberg begins a two-week miniseries on the life of worship. “We are saved,” wrote A.W. Tozer, “to worship God.” As simple as that sounds worship is still something that the church struggles with and even divides over. This week, we gain a greater understanding of our ultimate calling.

The Pursuit of Worship – Leviticus 17-18

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg begins our final series in the Book of Leviticus by teaching from Leviticus 17-18. In Leviticus 1-16 we have seen a very clear picture of God’s perfect, holy nature. But how go about pursuing a life lived in light of God’s holiness? The rest of Leviticus gives us that answer and it begins in chapters 17 and …