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There is so much more to church than what happens on Sundays.

We Love Young People

The spiritual growth and health of our students is one of our highest priorities. That is why we have a tremendous team of faithful volunteers who serve these ministries every Wednesday evening from September through March. We commit our time and energy to seeing students come to know Jesus and mature in their walk with him.

Our Ignite Club meets at EEFC from 6:15-7:35pm and seeks to teach the Gospel to our K-4th grade students. Our incredible staff draws students in with high-energy music and games and grounds them in the depths of what God teaches through Bible reading and memorization.

Our 5th-8th grade students have their own party happening in the Erie Middle School cafeteria from 6:30-7:30pm. KFC invites students into a comprehensive exploration of how God’s Word changes every aspect of their lives while worshipping in song and enjoying all kinds of crazy games.

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A Commitment To Missions

At EEFC we believe that we are responsible for using our time, talents, treasures and resources for spreading the Gospel. 25% of every dollar we receive in regular offerings is directed toward local and global missions and missionaries.




Jim and Renata minister in Turkey with the focus being the St. Paul Cultural center where they are involved in evangelism and discipleship of the people of Turkey.

Visit their website for more information.


Charles Graham


We are excited to be able to partner with Charles as he travels the world taking the message of the Gospel and his special brand of music to churches everywhere.

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Stephanos and Magda Botonis minister in Greece with Child Evangelism Fellowship. The emphasis of their ministry is Camp Hope which brings children together to learn about Jesus.

Visit their website for more information.