Living in Distinction – 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg continues our series from 1 Thessalonians, “Hold the Line.” We know that the Christian’s life is supposed to be different from the rest of the world. But what does that mean? In 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8, Paul transitions from encouraging the church’s past to pushing them forward by reminding us all of our call to live lives that …

The Body Broken for Broken Bodies – Leviticus 13-15

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg teaches continues our study through the book of Leviticus. The human body is an incredible creation. It is filled with amazingly intricate systems and it carries out fascinating processes to sustain life. It is also quite delicate. We know the pains and struggles of sickness and disease which plague the human body. Leviticus 13-15 tells us about …

The Price of Purity – Leviticus 12

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg continues our current series through the oft-neglected book of Leviticus. There are few things more exciting than the birth of a child. It shows us the joy of new life and the wonder of God’s creative power. In Leviticus 12 we find that even in this time of celebration we encounter impurity before God’s holiness and are …

Distinguishing Marks, Part 2 – Leviticus 11:24-47

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg taches the second message in our series, “Clean.” It is easy to see how impurity overwhelms our world. But, Leviticus 11 shows us that impurity is a sickness that attacks our own hearts as well. We must recognize the distinct nature of impurity in our lives so that we may grasp the antidote God has given for …

Distinguishing Marks, Part 1 – Leviticus 11:1-23

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg begins our new series, “Clean” by preaching from Leviticus 11:1-23. It can be confusing to study God’s laws about what he declares clean and unclean. But when we look closer we see the distinguishing marks of what is acceptable before a pure and holy God. We see, through these laws, the same distinguishing marks of purity in …

Strange Fire and Pure Worship – Leviticus 10

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg teaches from Leviticus 10 in the next message of our series, “Come to the Altar.” Information is good, but sometimes we need to “live out” the information to truly understand it. In Leviticus 10, Aaron and his sons live out the truths God has been teaching them about approaching His holiness in worship. The lessons learned by …

Building a Worshipper – Leviticus 9

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg continues our study, “Come to the Altar,” by teaching from Chapter 9 of Leviticus. Whether it’s a meeting at work, paying our taxes, or doing house chores we all are faced with tasks that we would rather not do but that we know must be done – so we do them. Our worship of our God is …

Flame of God, Undying Fire – Leviticus 6:8-7:21

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Pastor Ron Eckberg teaches week three of our study through Leviticus. It is probably safe to say that Leviticus is one of the least read books of the Bible. However, as we have been discovering in the opening weeks of our Come to the Alter series those who neglect Leviticus are missing great and wondrous truths.

Faith in a Fallen World – Genesis 5:1-6:8

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg concludes our series, “Fractured,” by walking us through Genesis 5:1-6:8. It can often feel that as we pursue Christ we are running the complete opposite direction of the world outside our front door. That’s because we are! In Genesis 5:1-6:8 we will see the continued spread of the disease of sin and how, by the examples of …