The Pursuit of Blessing – Leviticus 26-27

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg teaches the final chapters of Leviticus in our series, “The Pursuit.” Have you ever faced a make-or-break decision? One that could work out great… or could be terrible? This week we will be reminded of a daily decision before us: to commit to the Lord or commit to our selves. In Leviticus 26 and 27 we see …

Triumphant Commitment – Mark 15:16-32

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg teaches from Mark 15:16-32. As we have studied Jesus’ final night we have seen the opposition’s relentless attacks. Even now, condemned to death, the resistance continues. And yet, never once does Jesus’ commitment wain. And because of His triumphant commitment we know that there is no fight in our lives that He has not already won.