Ready, Set, Go! – Matthew 9:35-38

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg helps set our vision for the coming year. As we begin a new year we should always be looking to what God has in store for us and how we can fulfill His calling in 2023. But before we set out on the mission, we must have a clear vision for where we are headed. Matthew 9:35-38 …

Just Another Day? – Psalm 118:24

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Pastor Ron Eckberg brings a special New Year’s Day message from Psalm 118:24. Together we discuss the importance of grateful hearts and praising lips when we think on the incredible blessings God has given us as we look to the year ahead.

The Story of Us

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Pastor Ron Eckberg shares a special message as we close out 2019 together. In “The Story of Us” we see how no matter our circumstances and no matter our qualifications (or lack thereof), God’s grace and power are poised to work in and through us in the coming year. Our story is still yet to be finished!