Finding Peace – Genesis 29:31-30:24

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Pastor Ron Eckberg teaches the next message in our series through Genesis. In John 14 Jesus promised to give us peace yet that peace seems to continually elude us. We are restless, peace-less, dissatisfied and always wanting more. This Sunday, as we continue our study of the Genesis story, we learn how to find the peace that Jesus spoke of …

Peace in the Wilderness – Genesis 28:10-22

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg continues our study through the book of Genesis. We all want our days to be filled with peace. In Genesis 28:10-22, we find Jacob in a chaotic time of life (can you relate?). We also find God intervening to grant the peace that Jacob needs in that very moment. Through this interaction we see three avenues through …

Frustration vs. Peace – Ecclesiastes 4:1-16

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg continues our series through Ecclesiastes called, “Vs.” Solomon has talked about a lot of the futility of human life. And, from a certain perspective, we can easily see and agree with his point. But we still have a choice in how we respond to such futility. It can either frustrate us or lead us to peace. How …

Hope for our Weary Hearts – Advent 2020 (Week 1)

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg begins our 2020 Advent series, “The Thrill of Hope.” Over the next four weeks we will take time to remember and reflect on the thrilling hope that accompanies the birth of our Savior. This week we want to acknowledge the weariness that comes with life in this world and recognize the only hope for our weary hearts.

Greater Peace – Matthew 1:18-25

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg concludes our 2019 Advent series, “Greater Gifts,” by discussing how Jesus’ birth brings the gift of peace. Peace is a grand ideal. Yet, when it comes to actually finding or having peace, it seems that it’s more of a wishful thought than an attainable goal. This week we see how Jesus brings peace not to some degree, …

Longing for Peace – Luke 2:14

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg continues in our series, “Longing for Christmas” teaching from Luke 2:14. Life seems to throw uncertainty after uncertainty at us. Just when we think we’ve got things figured out, we are confronted with the unexpected. It’s unsettling. Fortunately for those of us who celebrate the Messiah, we have a calm in the face of all of that …

The Song of Heaven – Luke 2:14

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg teaches from Luke 2:14 and the song of the choir of angels. Christmas can be a crazy and chaotic season of activity that draws our attention to so many things other than the birth of Jesus Christ. But how do we re-focus with so much going on? This week we look at the angels’ song to see …