Suffering vs. Thriving – Ecclesiastes 7:1-29

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Pastor Ron Eckberg preaches through Ecclesiastes 7 as we continue our series, “Vs.” Let’s face it, when it comes to life we all want ample doses of the “better” and and as little of the “worse” as possible. In Ecclesiastes 7 we find Solomon struggling with living between the two. Join us Sunday as we examine this great reality check.

The Dance – Jeremiah 31:1-14, John 20:11-18

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg shares our Easter message. Last Easter we were unable to meet together. The following 12 months brought more than their share of disappointment, frustration, and division. This Easter we remember God’s restorative power. We see how our tears over our greatest sorrows and apparent defeats are turned into dances of joy by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.