Testing for Truth – 1 John 4:1-6

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Pastor Ron Eckberg continues our series, “A Different Kind of Love.” On the night of his arrest and trial Jesus stood before Pilate who asked the age-old question, “What is truth?” Two thousand years later the answer to that question seems to be as elusive to our world as ever. The problem, of course, is that we continue to look …

The Benefits of Abiding – 1 John 2:26-27

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Pastor Jonathan Eckberg begins a new series in 1 John called, “Abide.” After spending the opening section of his letter telling the church about the difference between the light and dark, John begins to beg the believers to remain (or “abide”) in that light. How do we do this? John begins this instruction in 1 John 2:18-25.

The Power in the Gospel – Galatians 2:1-10

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Pastor Ron Eckberg continues our study through Galatians by teaching from Galatians 2:1-10. We live in confusing times and nowhere is that confusion more prevalent and tragic than in the church. As more churches turn from the truth of the Gospel, more believers find themselves asking Pilate’s question; “What is Truth?” The answer is simple: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.